What Is An EPoS System? How Can It Benefit Businesses?

EPoS is a acronym for Electronic Point of Sale(EPoS). EPoS tills are essentially touch screen tills with software that can maintain, and manage how effectively a business runs day-to-day.

Various versions of software exist to combine with an EPoS system to objectively accomplish a unique user experience amongst effective control, and management of the business requirements.

Many businesses fail to be aware of the software integrations that are available: Out of sight, out of mind. With a vast multitude of options on the market it can be difficult to identify any one specific path to take. No problem, these things can get a little confusing, hang tight we will pick this apart bit-by-bit. We are going to deep-dive into the EPoS system itself, and the types of software integrations that can be implemented and tuned into the EPoS system.

Detailed Reports On Customers’ Spending Behaviour

Detailed reports can be accessed anywhere in the cloud across multiple devices – anywhere, any time. View how business is performing, or view trending products based off sales made. Visually pleasing graphs, and charts to show easy to read representation of the data gathered from reports.

Stock Management

Stock Management may seem like going around the shop with a pen and paper taking stock take counting the products that are there manually, thankfully this is no longer the case. Inventory management software is available for Epos systems ensuring stock is kept up to date accurately. Most importantly, not only does is keep a accurate account of all the stock it will show what products are under performing, or over performing. This can be a great tool to create a buying strategy that can both save a lot of money and in return, make a lot of money.


Kitchen receipt printing, multi-screen, automation – employee issues can happen in any business, the key to having an organized house is to make sure everyone knows exactly what they are doing equally for the employee, and employer. Luckily, with an EPoS system clock-in, and clock-out features are available to monitor attendances recorded.

Efficiency and Speed

Epos systems have access to connect to multiple devices, which in turn increases productivity. An example of this would be in fast food restaurants that require multiple screens to show orders places, and processed. Multi use of devices doesn’t just end there. Having a number of different areas in the kitchen may require order receipts to be printed in one section of the kitchen for deserts, and other receipts printed for mail meals.

Speed is crucial to any business, and time is money. These features do a pretty good job of maintaining a highly efficient, and speedy process of tackling very busy time periods.

Custom Screen Display For Swift Payment Processing

The display that is shown on a epos till can be customized for the users visual preference. Buttons can be created into categories of products sold, easily accessed increasing the productivity, and swiftness of payment processing.

Save Time and Money

Traditionally orders taken in a restaurant or café that offers table service, the server would write down their order on a little pad or try and remember it which quiet possibly led to the wrong items being ordered. An Epos system can be linked to other devices such as a tablet. By doing this the server would be able to take orders directly from the table, and send that order through to the Epos till simultaneously.

Essentially, a business would be able to utilize the down time that can be created from busy time periods, as everyone flocks around the till to try and process an order. This can be an instrument to save the wait in queues. This discourages the potential loss of customers that don’t want to stand in a queue and wait effectively saving time, and money.

Remote Accessibility Cloud Based Back Office

Changes are easily made from any device that can access the internet and web browser such as google chrome. Any web browser can gain access to change buttons on the till, pricing, special offers’, products, and other information that needs adjusting.

Removing Human Error

Epos tills remove the possibility of an employee miss counting in the exchange of money typically when it’s the rush hour, and things get hectic. This margin of error is removed with a database of prices for each product sold, when scanned the price is automated on the epos till with the exact amount payable.