Case Study: The Lichfield Pantry

The zero waste shop initially required three till units (all SBV-ONE-B 15″) with 9.7″ customer advertising screens and has since expanded with the addition of a cafeteria and specialist till systems.

The Lichfield Pantry

The Plantpot Garden Centre, Lichfield

Samantha required three till units (all SBV-ONE-B 15″) with 9.7” customer advertising screens. They are supplied with straight cash drawers, thermal receipt printers and Orbit Scanners. To help sell loose vegetables they added 2 x DS-782 Scales with Veg Scoops integrated into ICRTouch’s TouchPoint software.

Their most recent addition is an integrated kitchen printer that reports food requirements direct to the kitchen staff. The Pantry also benefits from TouchOffice Web cloud-based management and is integrated with Paymentsense EFT.

Samantha originally dismissed a one-man supplier due to their lack of knowledge and sought an approved ICRTouch dealer. She was impressed with Norcon’s attention to detail and ability to problem-solve throughout.

The installation was done during the Coronavirus era under strict government guidelines.

The Lichfield Pantry is part of The Plant Plot Garden Village, a community of small independent businesses located around their site. With over 30 cabins, it is the perfect place to find a gift, attend a creative workshop or indulge in a beauty treatment.

The Lichfield Pantry opened in 2019 in one of the small sheds, and quickly moved into a larger unit in February 2020. That unit is now a butcher’s shop as Samantha moved again into her current, much larger unit in August 2020. Samantha already has plans enlarge again.

The business started as a Zero Waste shop (where customers bring their own containers) selling dried food. The business progressed quickly by adding local vegetables and freezer food. Then, in August 2020 the cafeteria was added.

Business has been good and with each addition they have increased turnover. The future looks very good. The extension will be completed shortly (time of writing October 2020) where they will be able to rent out a small space to local groups who require private facilities.

Samantha and her team also provide a home delivery service on Mondays and Wednesdays.