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Bespoke EPoS till systems designed to increase sales, minimise queue times and reduce staffing costs within fast-paced retail and hospitality industries.

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40+ years trading and 200+ years experience.


Operating UK based support centre in Derby.

364 DAYS

Support available 364 days a year.


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Easy to operate user friendly software solutions designed with essential features to optimise usage within your sector. Systems for the hospitality industry are bespoke with essential features from happy hour price changes to kitchen printing. Whilst retail industry systems are bespoke with features from customer loyalty to stock management.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Norcon

Got a question about EPOS Systems? We’ve covered some of the most popular questions we get asked.

An EPoS System is a modern till system combining hardware and software to support the transaction of sales within businesses.

EPoS stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’.

They help businesses perform routine tasks much easier and can integrate smart functions enhancing the customer experience.

Point of sale (PoS) is where a customer will exchange goods or services at the checkout stage either online/offline. PoS hardware allows these transactions to be completed properly, and more easily.

Electronic point of sale (EPoS) can be used interchangeably with PoS, however, the enfaces on electrical being that information can be stored online in the cloud at the point of sale transaction.

Whether your business falls in the hospitality sector or retail; we can provide tailored hardware & software that can help you scale your business to the next level.

Yes, we provide training for EPoS Systems.

We have a variety of training options available to suit your availability.

We have online training sessions that can be booked at a convenient time to suit you.

From our experience, small multiple sessions of an hour or less are the most effective.

No, you do not need to create the menus yourself.

This will be done for you during the first survey of your business and be developed bespoke to your business needs. It will then be installed ready-to-operate.

Norcon provides support bespoke to your business’ needs providing the helping hand you need to keep your business operating smoothly and minimising the potential for costly downtime during times of frustration.

You are not required to have a support package from us however we have a full range of support packages available for those customers who require ongoing support.

We supply EPoS Systems nationally and have previously installed systems throughout the whole of the UK.

We can provide systems from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye to the Isle of Wight and beyond.

Our EPoS system has many helpful features that help people meet specific needs for their business. Keep track of inventory stock management, reporting, staff hours, paying the bill at the table, splitting bills, offering happy hours & special offers, offering your customers a loyalty scheme plus many more powerful features!

Our EPoS system is designed to be user-friendly making it easy for everyone to learn and use, it will be set up to your own specification. These EPoS systems have a training mode operation that will allow employees time to familiarise themselves with the system and make mistakes. We will of course give you & your staff full training with ongoing support to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the system.

There is a constantly increasing variety of payment options such as mobile payments, contactless cards and digital wallets. Our EPoS systems support payments using all major payment types including card, cash, apple pay or contactless.

Our EPoS systems can be integrated with your existing hardware and software such as printers, scanners, loyalty programs, accounting and CRM systems. Integrating the EPoS system with your existing equipment will help you save on time & cost.

With these EPoS systems, you can generate detailed sales reports to get insights into customer spending, stock levels, see live data on takings, get VAT reports, department reports, and reports on staff performance. All reports can be automatically emailed to you helping you make informed decision-making for business growth.

If you are expanding to new branches/locations or you already operate from more than one site, it is possible to see data from all sites in one place, control prices, special offers, happy hours or add new products instantly from anywhere using our cloud-based back office, Touch Office Web.

Yes, you can build and maintain a customer database on our EPoS systems, you can offer your customers a personalised experience through loyalty schemes, offering points to be redeemed or discounts for certain customer groups. In turn, you can use this information to collect data on spending habits.

Even if the internet stops working, your EPoS system will continue to function, minimising disruption to sales and customer service. Once connectivity is restored sales data is then uploaded to your Touch Office Web account.

If something goes wrong with the EPoS system we are available 364 days a year to ensure any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. This prompt service is essential in case of system issues or downtime, fortunately, 95% of all issues are solved within one call to our team.

Our EPoS systems offer staff management features to keep track of employee hours, performance and rates of pay. Assign different levels of accessibility to different staff based on their roles.

Our EPoS system can integrate with third-party platforms such as Woo Commerce or Just Eat to synchronise inventory and sales data between the physical stores and online platforms for efficient and seamless operations.

Enabling mobile point-of-sale (MPoS) solutions enhance your flexibility to provide seamless customer service. With this, you can take orders at the table on a tablet, the order is sent straight to the kitchen & or the bar. Likewise, you can also use this to settle bills at the table using pay at table.

Get organised by creating multiple seating plans, take reservations online or by phone with your EPoS system. Set limits for popular events & send your customers e-tickets which can be scanned at the door/gate.

Create your own gift cards or money-off vouchers which can then be easily scanned at the till for a smooth redemption process. These can be personalised with your business logo to make them more personal.

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