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  Flexible EPoS systems to meet the
needs of all convenience retailers
Response EPoS Systems

Response is a total EPoS solution offering all that your shop requires for scanning, price management, and sales recording. Response includes; software, hardware, file build service, installation, on-site training, and a help desk to ensure any concerns you may have in the future are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Response EPos tills are configurable to suit your requirement.

Discover more • Customised tilling screens constructed to your requirements, with individual operator   restrictions and security levels available for each function

• Pre-loaded files enable trading to take place immediately on delivery, with full 'Training Mode'   option available on each touch till to get staff up to speed quickly

• Laser scanners and thermal 'easy load' receipt printers as standard

• Multi 'layaway' and multi-level 'age restricted' sale control

• Tills can act as Back Office and POS simultaneously, and transactions can be viewed live
  on a connected Back Office computer or till

• Unique newspaper sales 'Day Key' technology and fast operator switching

• Customer account payments quickly and efficiently dealt with within a tilling transaction.

Response Configuration

All Response EPoS systems are individually built based on each particular customer's profile and requirements.

Configurations• A pre install survey takes place which enables our "Build Team" to provide our customers
  with a "Trading Ready" system

• An appropriate product file will have been installed; this enables our trainers to maximise their   impact by concentrating on training our customers, not setting up items to sell!

• Back Office computer linked to one or more tills -
  Link tills to a computer (which can be located anywhere in the shop) so that Back Office
  tasks can be performed without interfering with the operation of the touch till units.

• Two or more tills linked together, one acting as a Back Office system and POS -
  This configuration eliminates the need for a dedicated back office computer. A till can be
  used as a Back Office at quieter trading times, then switched to full POS operation when

• Custom configurations -
  All systems are configured to customer requirements. We are happy to address individual   requirements where possible, such as including existing hardware, additional computers,   remote site access and cctv integration into the system.

Optional extras• Integrated Chip & Pin units

• Avery Scale Interface - Weighed items can be sold quickly at the touch of a button

• Piccolink Hand Held Wireless terminals

• Connectivity and control from remote locations

• Response Exchange Head Office software

Response Stock Control

Your Response EPoS system gives 'real time' stock control and can easily generate 'sales based' orders, either store-wide or for discreet product groups based on category or supplier. There is a build in “Seasonality” ordering function, case rounding option, must stock, and minimum drop options which can be configured to individual requirements.

Stock discrepancies and shrinkage can be quickly identified and eliminated using a variety of Response Epos Stock reporting and exception reporting tools.

View features• Stock Discrepancy and stock exception reports

• Full multi-buy and bulk buy promotions Supplier Multi Buy Activity reports

• Selling price can be set by required margin and multiple pricing for individual products is   possible. (Promotion on/off price)

• Stock taking by hand held terminal

• Easy entry for goods inwards

• Full log in and operator tracking security, with full age restriction control

• Electronic order interface - automatic cost price maintenance and retail pricing can be   achieved with our electronic links to wholesalers

• Will interface with Response Exchange Head Office system.

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Response Financial Control

Accurate, immediate financial control is the cornerstone of any successful EPoS system. With Response the user can have instant access to over a dozen financial reports, and use the information generated to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

View features• Real time - view all financial information in the store, with till transactions monitored on the   back office computer or from a remote location

• Full Sales based VAT reporting

• Response Exchange interface - automatically upload financial reports from branches via your   Response Exchange Head Office system

• Range of reports - including turnover by till, profitability, sales by product/department and
  cash reconciliation. Ability to access till transactions in real time and reports on transaction
  'events' such as no sales or price changes

• Sales queries - our powerful reporting tool allows you to interrogate the day's sales as you   wish, including running popular queries automatically each day. Full Cash Reconciliation   options / User access control to all sensitive financial data / Store Profitability can be viewed   by day, week, month and compared to previous periods.


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PiccoLink Wireless Hand Held Terminal

The PiccoLink wireless Hand Held Terminal (HHT) comprises a wireless sender /receiver unit , and the PiccoLink Hand Held Terminal (HHT0). The PiccoLink communicates directly to your stock database in real time, with no complicated downloads or file uploads, so values changed on the HHT at remote locations are immediately reflected on your database.

Discover more• Product check - check or alter current stock quantity, selling price and individual product   restrictions, and request shelf-edge labels

• Order check - generate an order quickly and easily when checking the contents of your   shelves

• Delivery check - instantly check items that have arrived from your wholesaler into stock and   identify new items

• Waste management - items beyond sell by date can be removed from the shelves and the   stock quantity transferred to waste stock

• Stock take - stock-take whilst you are trading. Handles items in multiple locations and set
  the stock on non-scanned items to zero. The Piccolink program also links directly into the
  News Slave for Windows database giving full stock entry, returns to wholesaler functionality
  at Pos.

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The Response EPoS system can provide electronic links to all major wholesalers which gives significant advantages through electronic maintenance store databases.

Your Response EPoS system has the flexibility to accommodate most wholesalers' requirements. If your wholesaler isn't on our approved list, ask them to contact us to facilitate an electronic link.
Response Exchange

Response Exchange is a Head Office module that links directly through Response Net to satellite branches.

Discover more Standard functions include the ability to:
Control individual Branch pricing. i.e One branch can have a different pricing structure to other branches. Control 2 to 20 branches remotely

• Send new product information, new till screen layouts and Mix & Match promotion details to   branches

• Automatically generate shelf edge labels at branch level for all price changes

• Receive Z read data and group/category sales back to Head Office

• Activate full remote control of branch system at Head Office

• Remotely monitor branch tilling transactions in real time.

Installation & Training

Full installation and training services come as standard with your Response Epos system. Our trainers are all ex retailers with a wealth of knowledge of the sector you are operating in.

Discover more• 2 Days on site training included with all Response Epos systems

• System delivered READY TO TRADE

• Full system survey and custom store system build

• Individual Training Schedule will be produced and submitted for your approval

• Full Home News Delivery Customer, data transfer service available

• Free off site training can be provided either at our Derby or New Maldon offices

• Structured on line training sessions can be provided on your Response Epos System.

Support Package

At Norcon Computers Limited, we can provide a support package customised to your requirements. We employ directly all telephone support operatives and in house engineers. We do not subcontract any of our support services or use call centres.

Our Support Team is available 364 days a year on 08456 432 431

Further details• Support from 9am to 5pm weekdays, 9am to 1pm Saturdays, 9am to 10am Sundays

• 364 day year support

• Response Epos systems all pre loaded with our Internet “Remote” support software

• Software only, full Software/Hardware, 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support options available

• Hardware loan systems deployed if units not repairable on site

• Response Epos User Group regular meetings.

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